The name of the project:

Hotel Lišanj


Novi Vinodolski




Hotel Lišanj d.o.o


About the project:

What we have worked on:


The development of the entire visual identity of Hotel Lišanj

- includes the design of the logo and its application on the visiting card, standard book, memos, envelopes, staff clothing, and other

The design and print of the  L-shaped welcome leaflet

- The flyer is folded into letter L, the upper part of the letter L serves as an ID card case and is perforated so that the sleeve can be torn off.

The design and map prints, price lists, ‘Do not disturb’ signs and everything else that needs to be in the room to fulfill the criteria for a four star hotel.


The design and print of coloring book

- An 8 page coloring book is supplied with branded paints


The design and printing of Magnetic Tetris Puzzles. The Magnetic Tetris Puzzles are attached to the wall and children can play with them and build various shapes.

- The direct UV printing on the forex 10 mm thick, to which the magnet is attached, cut out in the contours of Tetris

- Magnetic Tetris Puzzles are put up in each hotel room

The design, print and application of self-adhesive foils

 - Used frozen foil, cut out into various shapes

The design, print and installation of Plexi signs that serve as signposts and various hotel warnings

- Full-color UV print on a 10mm thick Plexi-glass, contour cut into stone shapes

 - 150 panels of various dimensions

Design, printing and setting up the totems:

- 12 totems that serve as a map of the entire complex labeled with: "You are here."

- 1 totem with the logo of Hotel Lišanj