About us:

Graphic design and printing studio Fil-art has been actively engaged in graphic design in all spheres of business for 20 years and with its continuous improvement and upgrading, it has achieved significant results in Croatia and even wider. By following and complying the clients’ needs, problems and desires, we have expanded our business to printmaking. Therefore, we are able to offer the customer a "turnkey" approach, from visual identity creation, packaging design, graphic design and leaflet printing, catalogues, billboard design, as well as interior and exterior design of all business entities to their own editing and application.

The main goal- a satisfied client.

Guided by the desire to become a company that will provide the development of other companies through its services, we specialized in taking care of our customers’ images by creating unique visuals suitable for their profession which make them stand out from their competitors in more innovative ways of presenting themselves.

There are 15 people at your disposal who will meet the needs of you and your companies with great enthusiasm and attentiveness, offer you solutions and fulfill your wishes with an individual approach, state-of-the-art technologies and materials characterized by quality and longevity.